How To Protect Your Business Online

The majority of companies today have transitioned to a digital platform. Operations are mainly conducted online from buying to selling to communicating with customers- companies are utilizing the convenience of the internet to keep up with demand and competition. 

As more businesses transition to digital platforms, the risks and threats increase. Cyberattacks have grown significantly throughout the years with the hackers’ technologies and methods advancing. Just this year, we’ve seen large-scale enterprises such as Colonial Pipeline, AXA, and CNA Financial fall prey to cyberattacks, resulting in millions of dollars in damages. Attacks have only been increasing, creating an unsafe online environment for users and businesses alike. 

Protect Your Business

The truth is anyone can be a victim of cyberattacks– businesses large and small can be targeted and victimized by cybercriminals. In this age, it is essential to take every precaution to make sure that your business, employees, and customers are safe. Here are some ways to help protect your business:

  • Anti-malware software

Malware is a nasty cyberattack that can leave devastating outcomes for victims such as identity theft and fraud. By installing anti-malware software on all devices, it can greatly reduce the likelihood of a breach. It helps detect and remove malicious software and threats when discovered. Since malicious software can be easily obtained by clicking suspicious links or downloading suspicious attachments, it is important to have a strong first defense to help eliminate potential threats. 

  • Backing up information

Regularly backing up data on the cloud or to external drives can do wonders for businesses. There are threat actors out there that are designed to delete and steal information/files on victims’ devices. If your business falls victim to a data breach, you can restore and get your data back. 

  • Encrypt all data 

Nowadays, passwords are just not enough anymore. With the technologies that hackers have, they can effortlessly get into devices and accounts. However, encrypting data can help reduce that likelihood. Data encryption protects data kept on the cloud and hides systems and programs from threat actors. 

  • Strong passwords

Many users are not aware of the importance of having a secure password; millions of accounts each year are compromised due to weak passwords. It is the first line of defense to protect your information. Companies should consider implementing password standards by requiring staff to choose complex passwords that are not used in other business or personal accounts. Also, changing passwords frequently can help add extra security. 

  • Multi-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication or Multi-factor authentication is a security technology that requires users to verify their identity through different methods. Specifically, these can be OTPs, biometrics, passwords, security questions, and many more. According to Microsoft, MFAs can block 99.9% of account hacks. It adds layers of protection for you and your business, making it an effective security measure. 

  • Strict security measures 

Not everyone in the company should have access to all networks and data. It is critical to implement strict security measures to prevent data breaches. Companies should consider limiting access to different networks and databases by establishing separate user accounts. Also, consider enforcing security policies for your team to follow to help them understand what behaviors are acceptable. 

  • Awareness

One of the most important factors in preventing data breaches is educating users about cybersecurity. Human error is one of the main reasons that breaches occur. But by making your staff part of the solution, you can amplify your data security. If you and your employees are aware of cyber security solutions and services, as well as the dangers, you can reduce the risks of a compromise. 

In summary

In today’s environment, it is difficult to keep a business safe without the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to help you. Businesses will always face threats, big or small. Therefore, companies must establish an advanced cybersecurity defense to help protect and secure their network and data. By taking the necessary steps, you can substantially reduce the possibility of a breach from happening to you.

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