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Our Cybersecurity Services cover everything from Threat Intelligence to Online Assets Protection, Data Privacy, and more.

In today’s digital age, businesses are more vulnerable than ever. Protect your business from cyber threats and online defacement with our cyber security services.

Targeted Threat Intelligence

Comprehensive defense solutions to ensure that your company is protected from cyber security threats and attacks.

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Targeted Cyber Intelligence Analysis
Weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports detailing your cyber threat landscape, clarifying high severity indicators, and identifying key trends.

Email Alerts
Real-time email alerts on cyber indicators of potential targeted attacks, providing immediate analysis on the potential cyber threat and recommended mitigation.

Cyber and Fraud Intelligence Investigations
Comprehensive investigations on specific cyberattacks – from corporate fraud and online counterfeit to intellectual property theft and industrial espionage.

Threat Actors Investigations
Cyber investigations and complex analysis on specific threat actors and their techniques, behavior, and communication patterns, motives, and networks they belong to using our sophisticated machine learning capabilities in Argos.

Malware Analysis
Malware investigations on specific malware and comprehensive analysis report on malware exploitation, threat actors behind it, motives, and more.

Cyber Threat Briefing
Briefing of stakeholders on typical cyber attacks and threat actors in the industry and location and reinforcing it with incident response services.

Weekly Digest
Weekly cyber news digest on key cyber events happening around the globe across specific industries and specific cyber domains.

Sentiment Analysis

Formidable cyber security strategy to protect your brand from defacement threats.

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Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis and reports on potential defacement of your brand, including highlighting opinion leaders and trends, using the Argos platform online asset protection module.


Cyber security management through round-the-clock monitoring and incident management by our cyber security specialists.

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Managed SOC
Round-the-clock monitoring and incident management by cyber security specialists, providing contextual threat intelligence and enabling proactive response through a unified dashboard allowing collaboration and quick resolution.

Automated Pentest Tool

An intelligent risk-based vulnerability management Robot.

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A fully automated AI-based technology that assesses and identifies vulnerabilities not only in applications but also in systems and networks. Enabling enterprise and web application teams, independent software vendors, governments, education, DevOps and anyone responsible for ensuring software security to affordably and efficiently test their systems. Modeled with a collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits and equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques. Acting like a real attacker, relentlessly locate exploits and documents their findings.

Unified Identity Protection

Additional layer of security on top of your existing identity solutions in the network.

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Augments and orchestrates any type of Identity Solution, hence the Unified Identity Protection. It doesn’t manage identities of users in the organization (like Active Directory or Azure AD or PAM). What It offers is a platform that provides an additional layer of security on top of the existing identity solutions in the network.

We do this in 2 ways:

1. By providing full visibility to all the authentications taking place and scoring each authentication based on the risk it poses to the network.

2. Having the ability to intervene with the authentication flow by blocking authentications or implementing MFA.

We do all of this without making any code changes to the applications or making changes to the servers in the network.

Online Brand & VIP Protection

Cyber protection for your online data and brand reputation.

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Blacklist Service
Blacklist reports for defined blacklisted words/links on given clients’ official pages, as well as blacklisted IPs’ “whitelisting.”

Social Media Communities Investigation
Monitoring and investigation of activities of social media to identify fake network or channel activities (ie fake FB pages), as well as malicious activities on social media assets related to our clients.

Domain and Fake FB Pages Takedown
Takedown of abusive domains and fake Facebook pages on behalf of our clients.

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Web Application, Mobile Application, Infrastructure/ WiFi, and SAAS Application testing as a service.

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Our CyberOPS team simulates real attack scenarios on your systems, designed to evaluate your controls according to industry’s best practices, and assesses the potential threats and the impact of a breach on your business, as well as possible mitigations.

API Security

Protect APIs from real-time attacks through automated detection and response mechanisms.

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Complete API Security that covers the entire lifecycle of an API.
• External API Attack Surface (Recon)
• Shadow & Rogue APIs
• Detailed Inventory including data-types

Posture Management
• Coverage of OWASP Top 10 & more
• Proactive governance of leading practice
• Correlation of API attributes (context)

Runtime Protection
• Fine-grained AI/ML behavioral anomaly detection
• Blocking and prevention
• Workflow integrations

API Security
• Shift Left with on-demand, scheduled of CI/CD integrated API testing, including against business logic Testing


Zero Trust

A cloud native platform that connects and secures users, workloads, and devices over any network from any location.

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Enables organizations to implement Zero Trust principles and authenticate users and devices before granting access to sensitive data or systems.

1. Zero Network Access
Connect users to apps, not corporate networks, to prevent lateral movement

2. Zero Attack Surface
Make apps invisible so they can’t be attacked

3. Zero Passthrough Connections
Proxy architechture for better cyberthreat and data protection

Cyber Security Training

Empower your employees with Automated Cyber Awareness Training

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Phishing Simulation – Deploys intelligent simulated attacks on your employees via email and SMS

Cywareness – A propriety AI cyber awareness system offers a unique combination of technologies to teach and test employees according to their level.

Online Courses – We offer a wide range
of IT and cybersecurity courses and workshops suitable for all levels, from beginners through to seasoned professionals. Each class is conducted online by an experienced lecturer.

Cyber Challenge – An integrative, technology-based event that combines cybersecurity training with a competitive, gamified environment.

Online Academy – A successful academy training programs are now also available online. From cyber essentials to blue team, red team and CISO training, we cover all the key cyber disciplines.

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