Supply Chain Intelligence

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Unlock the Power of Supply Chain Intelligence

Supply Chain Intelligence is a service IPV Network provides. As a cybersecurity provider, we are dedicated to helping you fortify your digital supply chain and protect your valuable assets. Our Supply Chain Intelligence service offers a comprehensive solution to ensure the security, reliability, and resilience of your supply chain.

Identify & Mitigate Risks In Your Digital Supply Chain

Supply Chain Intelligence process is your proactive defense against digital supply chain vulnerabilities. We understand that identifying and mitigating risks is vital for safeguarding your organization. 

How It Works

  • Automating a continuous discovery of your digital footprint
  • Generating a complete inventory of your digital supply chain
  • Monitoring the deep and dark web mentions of your supply chain links


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Why Choose IPV Network?

We supply automated, continuous discovery capabilities that help you understand the risks each technology and supplier introduces, allowing you to make informed risk decisions. By monitoring the deep and dark web for risks associated with your vendors and digital suppliers, such as malware infections, leaked data, and exposed credentials. The platform we use integrates with other tools in your SOC to send alerts directly to your team, enabling rapid responses and proactive risk mitigation.

IPV Network provides continuous supply chain coverage, ensuring that you can accurately report to stakeholders and make informed risk management decisions. The real-time risk scores are based on vendors’ cyber hygiene and exposure, coupled with their current targeting or attack status.

Discover Cybersecurity Risks in the Supply Chain


With the Supply Chain Intelligence Service we provide, you’ll know in real-time when a trusted third-party experiences a security incident, such as a major data breach or ransomware attack, without waiting for them to inform you.

Discover Your Supply Chain Blind Spots


Create a complete and updated inventory of your supply chain, including shadow vendors that might have been added without the security team’s knowledge.

Vulnerability assessment casts a wide net, scanning your digital environment for potential weak spots. On the other hand, penetration testing dives deep into the critical vulnerabilities identified during the assessment, aiming to exploit them in controlled conditions. This dual approach provides a complete view of your security landscape.

External Chatter Monitoring


We monitor the deep and dark web for mentions of your vendors and discover if their names, domains, logos, and digital assets are being discussed.

Pull Alerts Into Your SOC


Bring alerts regarding supply chain risks into existing workflows via integrations with SIEM, XDR, and SOAR platforms.

With our Supply Chain Intelligence service, you can confidently secure your digital supply chain, mitigate risks, and stay ahead of potential threats. Don’t wait for vulnerabilities to compromise your operations—act proactively with our specialized solution.